The Dads I Know: Tribute To A New Generation of Fathers
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The Dads I Know: Tribute To A New Generation of Fathers

Joel Eschenbach • June 18, 2017

  • The dads I know...

    Have learned how to follow their dreams without forgetting their family
    Admit their failures and aren't afraid to ask for help
    Aren't too prideful to apologize

    The dads I know...

    Don't live for themselves, but love their families
    Aren't afraid of their wives taking the lead
    Constantly strive to be better and not bitter

    The dads I know...

    Are passionate in their careers and still present at home
    Wrestle with their demons without ditching what's important
    Are honest with their wives and don't hide their weaknesses

    The dads I know...

    Work long hours to make money and willingly give most of it away
    Spend sleepless nights with sick kids and crying babies
    Pursue flexibility and family over fame and fortune

    The dads I know...

    Have fought for the hearts of their foster and adopted children
    Have lost everything but continue to love
    Have experienced success without losing focus

    The dads I know...

    Value making memories more than making money
    Give their wives the spotlight and let them win the day
    Let their children shine in their strengths and be whoever they want to be

    The dads I know...

    Champion the causes of the weak and change the world around them
    Are more involved and engaged than any generation before them
    Are expected to be the best and they live up to the challenge

    The dads I know...

    Stand on the shoulders of generations before them
    Understand the legacy they've been left
    Know that their dad and dad's dad did their best

    The dads I know...

    Will never be known or praised by the masses
    Understand that greatness isn't found in the eyes of the great
    Instead they define greatness as the sum of every small sacrifice

    The dads I know are making a difference that echoes through the hearts of their families and resounds for generations to come.

    Happy Father's Day.


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