It's Delicious: God vs. Applesauce

It's Delicious: God vs. Applesauce

Joel Eschenbach • April 02, 2017

  • A few months ago, I started cooking dinners for the family. I'm trying to incorporate a few healthy options which always requires strong negotiation skills. You know how it goes. After spending over an hour cooking a new recipe and working hard to get the timing just right so the food is hot and fresh when everyone sits down... “Ew, I don't like this!"

    And that's when the negotiations begin.

    It usually goes on a while, so I'll spare you too many details. "You have to try it before you can say you don't like it" is typically my argument. Obvious right? I might even follow that up with, "It's delicious, I promise!" When all is said and done, my daughter usually settles for apple sauce.

    It would be a bit strange if you ate at a new restaurant and then tried to convince me how good the food was. You wouldn't negotiate the way I have to with my daughter - you'd just tell me to go and try it for myself.

    There's this place in the Bible where the writer goes on a riff about how great his God is. After he spends some time talking about all of the ways that the divine has showed up in his life, he simply says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good..."

    This is something we can all relate to right? I mean, I really like to eat! But the only way to know if something is really good is not to take someone's word, it's to taste it yourself.

    "The only way to know if something is really good is not to take someone's word, it's to taste it yourself."

    How do you taste God? Well as metaphors go, I think it's a good one. I can think of at least a dozen things that taste heavenly, but this goes far beyond taste buds.

    Contrary to many popular modern and ancient belief systems, God isn't angry, but loving and accessible. In fact, the divine might even be as accessible as food (in the first world anyway).

    Listen. Feel. Rest. Quiet your mind.

    Taste and see for yourself.

    Don't just settle for applesauce.


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