Will Love Lead Us Astray?

Will Love Lead Us Astray?

Joel Eschenbach • February 04, 2017

  • Today, my mind feels like a whirlwind of ideas and ideologies, frustrations and failures, strategies and struggles, clutter and chaos.

    I spend too many days thinking about the what-if’s and what could-be's. There are so many things that I could pour my time into like music, art, business, or family, but I really want to pour myself into all of them! I want to inspire and bring to life what is dead in myself and others.

    This is the existential question for all of us, isn't it?... "Who am I, and what is my place in the world?" And we don't only ask this question once. We ask it every time we come to a crossroads in life. "What am I supposed to do here?" and "How can I truly be myself?"

    So this post is for me. It's me spilling my insecurities and my lack of knowing where I'm supposed to put most of my efforts, my time, and my passions. It's me being successful and feeling like a failure at the same time. It's me feeling blessed and restless in the same breath.

    A few months ago, I came across this quote by Rumi that I can't shake...

    “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”
    - Rumi

    What if I let go and give into what I really love? What would that look like? What if I stopped trying to impress others or live up to others expectations? Would I be led astray?

    Or maybe God is found in the letting go. Maybe the Divine lives in the space where I stop trying to be something or someone I'm not; when I admit that I don't have it figured out and that everyday is a mystery in and of itself.

    So what strange pull is silently drawing you today?

    Think about it. What if you let yourself be immersed in what you truly love? Where would it lead you? Maybe into a life of true meaning or hope that is beyond yourself? That's what I'm hoping for.

    Because sometimes there's more questions than answers, more mystery than facts, and more restlessness than peace.

    Thanks for letting me explore the depths with you today. My prayer is that you and I are being silently drawn and pulled towards what we love.


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